We're going to start focusing on new commercial web project and thinking about Google Application Engine like a potential platform.


  1. Does Google Application Engine is actually scalable and might be regarded as a production platform for commercial project?
  2. Could it be more costly (or cheaper) than good webhost service in long term?
  3. Could it be possible (and relatively inexpensively) to maneuver the application from Google Application Engine to independent server/farm (e.g. to make use of it like a private system, to take advantage of our own hardware etc.)?
  4. Can there be some mechanism to cope with Web sites attacks?
  5. Can One create a full backup from the application data?

Sorry for such silly questions.

I'll answer question 1:

I am within the pilot phase of the new web application on application engine. We have spent in regards to a month writing code and becoming things ready for the first customer. They went live a week ago. They love the program but a few days ago I began to obtain random deadline exceeded errors within the application. You appear up an archive or a listing also it would return in miliseconds. The following proceed would take thirty seconds and return having a deadline exceeded error.

The stack traces within the dashboard give random results. I have attempted everything, even draining the application lower to some hello world. I put a log message into our django process request middleware, the very first little bit of our code that will get performed. It had been showing that around the timeout demands it required 25 seconds from google obtaining the request to running our process_request code. I published towards the google forum and also got nothing. I approached someone at google plus they clarified back rapidly only stated they'd contact they. Nothing since.

It's possible there is something I am doing to result in this however i really doubt it. Google does not provide support so I am essentially at a complete loss.

If the would be a real commercial application I'd be bankrupt.

tldr: google application engine has great promise but must mature and it is not appropriate for comercial production

  1. Watch google IO (Whre among other they are saying that: "yep it's scallable".
  2. That is dependent ... It can also be free for you personally (you have to pay for load that you have).
  3. You are able to proceed to Amazon . com for instance using appdrop. It is also smart to use application-engine-patch.
  4. ... Good question. I realy don't know.
  5. Use GAEBar.

Everything is dependent in your needs. For any project which has the necessity to scale from very couple of customers to possible countless customers in a nutshell time, google application engine may be precisely what you are searching for.

However, note which you may be amazed through the restrictions that GAE includes. Datastore can among others not do full-text search or queries while using IN statement. So be carefull to specify what needs the application may have, and what data you are likely to store and check for.

This implies that moving the application from GAE to some separate server may be difficult, because the database architecture will in all probability differ.

My solutions:

  1. BuddyPoke operates on gae (most likely the greatest application), check their millions amounts.
  2. You do not pay until your application develops a great deal
  3. If you're acquainted with python, web2py offers this feature with some restrictions
  4. Dos protection (java, python)
  5. Gaebar, here an excellent article.