I am thinking about making an application on the internet Application Engine, to assist a current not-so-large (1000s) community with a few area specific collaboration on existing projects. On single project work several people, mostly talking about things. Application should contact "back-finish" which may be located somewhere not a problem.

But I am not searching for another "benefits and drawbacks" discussion (for instance read such here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1306279/pros-cons-of-google-application-engine ) but instead Let me learn about others encounters in the same situation.

Any personal encounters prepared to share? Ideas?

I'd say, GAE/Python is really a enjoyable platform to build up for, if you do not mind community-driven type of support. Although my own knowledge about tracko was quite rough, it had been mostly because I attempted to suit countless demands into free quota.

Be careful for important issues, for instance, HTTPS support and what Python version your modules require. See if some of issues is really a showstopper for you personally. As always, it's suggested to build up a little project to find the feel from the platform.

Application Engine provides great APIs to do common tasks like authentication with very little effort in your finish.

You will find some unique restrictions that many people aren't ready when ever they begin using Application Engine, like the 30s request timeout, or even the non-relational datastore, but they are simple enough to operate around once you are accustomed to them, plus they build your application as quickly and scalable as you possibly can, even inside the free quota.

There's lots of great paperwork, too, and that i recommend watching as numerous Google I/O talks on Application Engine as possible find, they are all really informative.