Well, I am presently trying to create a website while using hosting from Google Appspot.

I must create a blog part of this site using Wordpress. How do i host Wordpress on the internet Appspot, despite that certain uses Python and also the other uses PHP (Basically remember properly)?

Write your application on Application Engine, and host your blog on the separate subdomain - eg, blog.yourapp.com - with your personal hosting or perhaps a devoted Wordpress host company.

Wordpress requires the hosting service to be able to support PHP and MySQL, each of which aren't directly based on Google Application Engine, the actual "hosting engine" behind that which you known as Google Appspot.

Google App Engine is much more similar to a cloud computing application platform than the usual website hosting service. All websites located underneath the appspot.com domain are really GAE applications. Right now, the support for languages are restricted to Java (and JVM languages), Python, and Go.

If you're searching for off-the-shelf library or tools enabling you to simply install and run Wordpress on the internet Application Engine, you will find no such factor right now.

Yet, if you're prepared to get the hands dirty, some brave souls are apparently bold enough to engineer a means for PHP programs to have the ability to be run in GAE. Have a look at this blog post, which shows the best way to run PHP programs in GAE/J using Quercus. Coincidentally, the PHP application that they're attempting to run is Wordpress itself.

Please be aware the blog publish comes from 2009, and GAE had developed a great deal since that time. You'd notice that almost all the publish is all about transforming Wordpress' MySQL queries to have the ability to have fun with Google's datastore, since in those days GAE doesn't support MySQL databases.

In October 2011, the Application Engine team folded a limited preview support for Google Cloud SQL, which means you would most likely save a while for making Wordpress+Quercus works in Application Engine should you could subscribe to the preview and employ Google Cloud SQL as the backing database. (A little caveat, Google Cloud SQL is free of charge now simply because they has not released their prices yet. They'd achieve this sooner or later later on, so expect if you should purchase the service afterwards)

Understandably, the road to enable Wordpress in GAE is difficult. If you want to host your site within the cloud, why not host your site at Amazon . com Web Service rather? If "free hosting" is what you're searching for, I do not think GAE is the best place for you personally. It's a lot more like a platform for business applications than the usual hosting service.