I simply discovered that certain of my website was considered by Chrome like a adware and spyware.

This is what is Google Chrome is showing:

The web site at ___ consists of components from the website ___, which seems to host adware and spyware – software that may hurt your pc or else operate without your consent. Just going to a website that consists of adware and spyware can infect your pc.

My website uses Joomla 1.5 like a Content management systems coupled with investments problem, among the template ("beez" I believe was the title from the template) that accompany Joomla contained the herpes virus, Now I up-to-date the Joomla and removed web site, and that i believed that fixed the issue.

Now Chrome continues to be thinking about my website like a adware and spyware. Any Ideas the way i would fix this?


Bing is while using database of the organization for adware and spyware reviews.


See if you are inside - if you're, visit google website owner tools there you need to have the ability to request a revalidation.


You'll probably still have trouble with content that consists of adware and spyware. Whenever a wordpress site of mine got compromised, there is a stray bit of adware and spyware within the static html. You have to check every file that shows :(

Best of luck.