I am a web application developer, who runs a website http://myfav.es. We have been battling with this particular problem for around per month now.

We make use of the HTML application cache spec - www.w3.org/TR/offline-webapps/ - with dynamically produced manifest files - myfav.es/personal.manifest - to hurry page delivery. These dynamically produced manifest files use proper headers, and PHP for everyone up custom manifests for customers.

We use gzip compression for everyone the website from the linux/apache host.

For that existence-cycle in our site, customers report obtaining a err_unsuccessful such as this screenshot in chrome. twitpic.com/272237.

This error is intermittent, happening once every 200-300 visits, and can continues on every page refresh, including hard refreshes, which most probably implies that a mistake using application cache is leading to these to continuously load a unsuccessful version from the site. However, inexplicably JUST clearing snacks causes the mistake to repair itself.

I am completely from tips on how to approach this error, and searching the mistake message seems to obtain a lot of confused customers with voodoo-ant methods to fixing it. I have personally seen the mistake, together with numerous complaint using their company customers of chrome, so I am fairly certain it can't be triggered by a specific user getting abnormal configurations or browser preferences.

Does anybody have understanding of the reason for this browser error and it is roots? Be it likely server-side or perhaps a consequence of application design?