I am searching for a method to expose Google-Search functionality on my small site to ensure that chrome customers may use context-sensitive searching (e.g:)

Chrome Search

I understand YouTube is possessed by Google, however i could not remember which third party sites I'd seen this feature focus on before. Anyway, I could not find any mention of the this in the search engines-labs or on code.google.com, so I have switched for you SO.

If anybody has any insight in how you can expose this, or perhaps a reference doc, I'd be greatly appreciative.

Please be aware that i'm basing my answer from the context of the question, as inside my work I am unable to begin to see the image. If my response is not what you're searching for, please tell me.

I am unsure if the just how Google Chrome performs this, but Chrome supports it, and that i found this by searching in the source code with this Stack Overflow page.

http://world wide web.opensearch.org/Home

It is really an XML specs for supplying custom searching. It's presently based on Chrome, FF, and IE7.

If you wish to take a look at a good example page, this is actually the connect to the Stack Overflow specs: