I am attempting to make use of the google custom search inside a wordpress website (but with no wordpress plugin).

I have used the code google provided (the search box code and also the search engine results page code) and also the search engines it's coming back empty...

Nevertheless the auto-complete it's working:

alt text

This is actually the page which should show the outcomes: http://www.guiasdeviagens.com/pesquisa/

Anybody may help me please? I have been trying for many days and should not repair the problem. :(

Thanks ahead of time.

By some chance have you switch on internet search engine obstructing? Visit the admin dashboard and appear towards the top of the page for "Search Engines Like Google Blocked". Whether it's there, click it and toggle the website Visibility setting. Keep in mind that when you are visible you'll still wish to submit your URL to google. It may also help to possess a sitemap.xml file to assist the googlebot find all your pages.