Hello I've this webiste www.liiklusinfo.ee and it is essentially made to focus on browsers, but can you really observe that map with an Android mobile-phone? I can tell that it's possible, because http://kraater.eu/en/map turns up on my small android phone, why is not this site turning up? After I open the page, it states which i must customize the API code, however i have the best API secrets..

I'd suggest improving towards the version 3 api, the saying is V3: The Answer for Maps Programs for the Desktop and Mobile Products in the end.

This will solve your condition. Furthermore, i can tell the map around the opera small browser on my small android simply not another.

It's certainly because of because you are utilizing Maps API v2 rather than v3.


V2 is leading to some issues that is stopping v3 from loading. You might have the ability to discover the route of individuals problems, however it would certainly be simpler to change to v3.

I would suggest reading through this informative guide: