I'm wondering what's Google's official policy on connecting my very own websites together, will they forbid it, take, take as lengthy as it is no-follow, etc.

For clarification i'll give both a whitened-hat and black-hat good examples:

whitened-hat: I am a web design service who also offers several affiliate websites. I designed individuals websites so i must give myself credit by connecting in the affiliate web site to my professional bio website where people can hire me like a designer.

black-hat: I purchase 100 different domain names and link each together 99 discussing all of the backlinks together. This content of every website follow Google's policy and is not spammy , the only real factor that's wrong is always that i acquired 99 links to all of them and i am the only person doing the connecting.

First solution - nofollow:

Well, if they're nofollow, I do not understand why Google would care.

So, you'd most likely be secure with this, if what you would like to attain is definitely eating credit.

But, for Search engine optimization optimisation, as you know, the websites wouldn't benefit much.

Though nofollow, even when you did not increase pagerank, quantity of visits to every site should increase (the traffic out of your other sites). This might be advantageous.

Second solution - portfolio site:

There's one scenario that could fit your purpose:

  1. Make your "portfolio". A website with links to any or all the websites you produced, to illustrate your abilities and stuff..
  2. Place a hyperlink on all of your website for this portfolio.

Now, you've got a page with 100 outgoing links, each perfectly legitimate. And every of the sites consists of only one outgoing link hooking up it for your other sites.

This ought to be fine both for the presentation as well as for Search engine optimization, and also you prevented getting a hyperlink farm.

EDIT: You'll find actual info from Google here: http://world wide web.google.com/website owners/paperwork/search-engine-optimisation-starter-guide.pdf