I have to paste some Google Statistics code into my WordPress site. It is the latest WordPress theme, with a few modifications.

I'd like the Statistics code to trace every page around the WordPress site.

Where will i paste the Statistics code?

I had been told to complete the next to obtain the spot to paste the Statistics code:

--- In WordPress Admin, click 'Appearance'. --- Click 'Editor'. --- Click "footer.php". Scroll towards the very bottom from the text area. Discover the < /body? line and right above it, add/paste your Statistics code.

However when I click 'Editor', I do not see "footer.php"....

This is exactly what I see when I am drenched into WordPress Admin: https://skitch.com/richardclunan/fxsmg/dreamweaver

Which is the website that I wish to add Google Statistics code to: Richard Clunan -- Copywriter

It's much simpler to simply download the "Google Statistics for WordPress" wordpress plugin. Searching for this out of your dashboard "plug ins" section also it updates all of your new pages / publish pages instantly. Otherwise you are stuck pasting code into each new page you are making.

You're editing a young child theme, it doesn't have the files, just the files that aren't the same as parents. On top right side change to parents theme known as 'Twenty Eleven' within this situation. Edit its footer.php

However, word of caution, should you update the theme through wordpress, the google statistics code could be gone. Possible work arounds for are:

  1. Make use of a wordpress plugin as DFTR indicates
  2. Copy the Twenty Eleven footer.php to Twenty Eleven child directory in your server and edit the kid theme footer from wordpress.