I'm managing a site on Ubuntu with Apache and taking advantage of PHP and Zend Framework.

I'd like exception information e-mailed towards the devs and am curious about a great way to do that. I'd rather not email each and every exception immediately if something major happens, our in-boxes can get flooded.

Rather, I'm searching for wherein the exceptions and errors in the past hour could be e-mailed all at one time (up to and including certain size limit). I'm considering writing a cron script to parse Apache's error_log but possibly you will find simpler ways than doing that.

I'd recommend Hoptoad: http://hoptoadapp.com/pages/home

If you are not thinking about located solutions, and already while using Zend Framework, it should not be way too hard to create the errors to some special database or log, and also have a periodically run process send the aggregated information.

For example, my dayjob comes with an application that performs this inside a most removed-lower way: We make use of an very fundamental log (similar to the apache logs), along with a periodic process will get this content from the log, emails it, and truncates the file to ensure that no old records is going to be sent the next time.

Obviously, for the way robust an answer you are searching for, you might want to go another route.

I simply give some links that we think ought to be helpful.

Sets the default exception handler if the best isn't caught inside a try/catch block. Execution stop following the exception_handler is known as.

Sets a person function (error_handler) to deal with errors inside a script.

Sometimes on the free project. It is a ticket tracker that may receive error reviews from the other PHP application, can identify replicates to prevent email surges and email designers.

Take a look at http://elastik.sf.net/ and also the "ErrorReportingService" module.

Version .3.1 is arriving a few days with large enhancements towards the error collecting systems.

Sample of the error report reaches http://jarofgreen.wordpress.com/2011/01/30/tracking-errors-with-php/