I have not produced a higher traffic site and so i have no clue exactly what the best long-term plan's. There's no room for any devoted server within the budget. I am presently using VPS hosting for my current site. I would stay with VPS and migrate grails. I checked out Django and python hosting plans (which look less than VPS plans) from fatcow.com for instance. The industry better investment, grails through VPS hosting or django via a standard python hosting plan? Which may have better performance in a nutshell as well as in long-term?

The front-end from the application is javafx, and also the after sales is a Relaxation interface.

I went using it . process while you too before determining to make use of django. I'm a Java programmer throughout your day and I wish to possess a pet project will be able to make throughout my free time. And So I got myself a VPS using the least expensive plan available. I installed Java webserver and deploy a Grails application, however it works out it requires a bigger memory. I Quickly recognized that Java webapp requires a large memory to obtain running. And So I visited search for a non-Java framework. I did not cash criteria in those days apart from it may run smooth on my small current VPS plan.

I required a glance at django and that i was amazed that:

  1. It's so easy and simple to obtain began. It only produces small amounts of file (in comparison to Grails)
  2. It's many built-in feature that Grails does not have:
    • Feed framework
    • Leaving comments system
    • The admin system (you gonna like it, it's like scaffold only better)
    • And several other webby features that needs time to work to produce
  3. It requires less memory to obtain began, but additionally, it may scale very well

Apart from that you are just likely to compare Groovy and Python. If you are a Java programmer you are likely to love Groovy syntax because it is really near to Java. But python is a great language too (despite the fact that lots of people can't stand it's syntax).

If you wish to use JavaFX because the front-finish, you'll be able to use django simply to return JSON data or XML data, and this can be done easily because it features a built-in serializer to get this done.

So overall the factors drills lower to the thing you need and what you know.

There's a Grails Application Engine wordpress plugin that doesn't use hibernate.

http://world wide web.grails.org/wordpress plugin/application-engine

Personally, I believe the option comes lower that language you want probably the most. If you're a Java/JSP developer, you'll most likely like Grails better. However, if you're already quite experienced in Python then that's the greater choice.

Here are a few assets that can help you evaluate Grails.


http://world wide web.pubbs.internet/grails/200908/12877

Python has already been well-established and mature. You will find lots of assets which is certainly the ideal choice, if you're a Python fan.

Perhaps you have checked out Google AppEngine? You are able to run Django there, and it is a good cheap method to start.

I'd stay with Django. Django and Grails are very similar, however i prefer Python over Groovy. Python's development cycle is simply less tiresome than Groovy's. The Python console is e.g. began immediately, as the Groovy console may take on the second to load. That's only a small problem, but waiting another many occasions will get frustrating ultimately.

I've not seen any performance evaluations between CPython and Jython, but I know that Django works on the latest version of Jython now. This enables the versatility of having the ability to rewrite areas of your application later (remember, no premature optimisation) in Java or, say, Scala, if you want the rate.

You might want to think about the memory footprint consumed through the application server within the VPS atmosphere. In case your VPS is actually small (256 megabytes) then you definitely might exhaust memory if you're running the application server + db server.

Groovy's future is debatable. Its creator, James Strachan, has stated:

I'm able to honestly say if a person had proven me the Programming in Scala book by by Martin Odersky, Lex Spoon &lifier Bill Venners in 2003 I'd most likely haven't produced Groovy.

-- http://macstrac.blogspot.com/2009/04/scala-as-lengthy-term-alternative-for.html

My 2 cents: opt for Python &lifier Django. Skip Scala. You should consider Lisp.