I am beginning a brand new, large server based project using .Internet 4 and Visual Studio 2010. I have carried this out many occasions before (with assorted versions), but I have never found a great way to maintain my database. There is lots of technology previously couple of years to create this simpler. However, there's one factor I've not found: A technology/framework that may instantly update a database with different model, without regenerating the whole factor and losing all of the data. Can anybody point me in direction of anything like this?

Otherwise, can anybody point me in direction of guidelines for such development? We have got one development DB, one test DB along with a production DB. I must have the ability to just run some auto produced script or code to update a database based on the latest model. I understand that particular changes are not as easy to trace than the others, but right now about 95% of changes towards the schema are added tables or posts. Individuals changes ought to be easy to auto generate script for - right?

Any assist in helping me understand this database off and away to an excellent start is going to be much appreciated!

Perhaps you have attempted Visual Studio Database Projects ?


instantly update a database with different model

This sounds greatly like Ruby On Rails data migrations. You will find a few projects that can help with this particular, for .Internet: