I must deploy a web page in various languages (German and British). Like a after sales solution I'd use Wordpress running on the nginx/PHP/MySQL stack on Linux.

From various posts here' believe that searching in the browser locale (the ACCEPT-LANGUAGE area in HTTP request) is a great try for setting the right language. Obviously the consumer will have the ability to override this which choice is going to be saved inside a cookie.

So my questions is:

Wouldso would one implement that in wordpress? Would one need to deploy two separate wordpress installations one for every language or perhaps is there some wordpress plugin for this that we haven't found yet.

You should use the wordpress plugin "WPML". Confident that is going to do what you would like.

It is best to to make use of the conventional localization tool gettext. AFAIK there's a PHP binding for this, therefore it might be not too difficult. (I have already seen some styles which handles i18n by doing this).

Edit: This really is no solution, how you can choose the best content language in wordpress, consider I do not use worpress myself, I can not provide you with a solution with this part.


See this question on WordPress Answers regarding how to add language support for your WordPress theme while using .mo and .po files.