Used to do a general search and could not find this and this may be seen like a multi-part question so assist me either in situation basically designed a mistake.

I wish to know when creating a typical site around the Light stack how can you optimize it for top possible load occasions. I'm visualizing an average DB-driven site.

This can be a high-level look and may most likely pull under consideration and allow me to break it lower into each layer from the stack.

L - In the system level, (setup and filesystem) are you able to caused by improve speed? One factor I'm able to think about is image dimensions, can compression here help optimize anything?

A - There need to be a lot of configurations associated with site speed within the net server. Not my Forte. Most likely is dependent a great deal on the number of sites are running at the same time.

M - MySQL inside a database driven site, DB performance is essential. It is possible to better normalization approach i.e, using link tables? Web-developers frequently simply make simple monolithic tables resembling 1NF which can kill performance.

P - apart from performance-improving configurations like caching, so what can the programmer caused by affect performance at an advanced? I would love to understand if MVC design approaches hit performance a lot more than quick-and-dirty. Other simple tips like are periods faster than snacks could be interesting to understand.

Clearly you need to get lower and dirty in to the particulars and discover what code is slowing down you lower. Also I recognize that lots of sites have numerous different performance qualities, but let us assume an average site which has more reads then creates.

I'm just wondering as we can compile a lot of guidelines and fully expect individuals to link other questions therefore we can effectively workup a record.

Let me find out if even additionally towards the usual issues in performance we are able to see some oddball things you will possibly not think about appear to accompany a best-practices summary.

So my real question is, should you be beginning on your own, how does one make sure your Light site was fast?