I am acquainted with wordpress and cakePHP however, I am creating a small community website (hobby) that enables customers to publish music sheet (pdf/image) or guitar tabs ( text files). These music sheets ought to be organized by artists and tunes. I have already built my very own content management systems, but I am not searching toward keeping it as i am scared I will not possess the time.

A good example of this is ultimate-guitar.com . Not the entire site, just how they display tabs and stuff

I posted a 1 month old build for you guys to see what i've done here. the website typically works, but when i stated, I am scared which i will not have the ability to keeping it. This isn't the most recent build, i've not become around to uploading it. It fixes the majority of the issues

What are the music posting plug ins for drupal and wordpress (I've not seen any personally)? I am available to other suggestions and comments too so don't hesitate to mention them

You might like to have a look in the Guitar module, which will help you to easily add chord fingerings for your tabs.

It doesn’t seem as if you have music specific needs, you need to simply have the ability to attach text, pdf or images for an item (node in Drupal) and assign tags into it.

You should use taxonomy in Drupal to assign artists towards the nodes. I ought to think what you would like is fairly easy to do. I recommend that you simply try setting up it to see what it really can perform.