I am creating a call towards the database. The end result can be used for any subit form. So i wish to hold back until the end result in the DB comes. For your i want a synchronization. My idea ended up being to make use of the Object.notifyAll() from java.lang, but GWT does not support this. Can there be any equivalent method in GWT for that notifyAll()?

edit1: I am using gxt FormPanel to submit the information. I'm able to change the kind of the buttonBar, however i think, addSubmitCompleteHandler won't solve my problem.

Here some code snippet:

final Button submit = new Button("Submit");
submit.addListener(Events.OnClick, new Listener<ButtonEvent>() {
    public void handleEvent(ButtonEvent be) {
        // 1. Get the data from Database (here i must wait for the response from DB)
        // 2. Submit the form               

final FormPanel buttonBar = new FormPanel();
buttonBar.setStyleAttribute("margin", "0px");

edit2: I wish to obtain a sequence ID in the DB (this is actually the the first step in case handler). This ID is going to be employed for the submit. On submit i am filling some tabels within the DB with data. The ID will be employed to identify, which user began the submit as well as for this user i wish to show dialog with message "Submit effective". I really hope, you realize what i'm saying :) (sorry, my british ist bad)

As if you stated, GWT doesn't support Object.notifyAll(). But when you are using [cde] for posting your values, you can easily [cde] and obtain informed once the results return. Same factor if you are using [cde] - give you a [cde] which get fired once the reaction to the request is received.

the answer of the issue is to include a submit listener (Occasions.Submit), wich is equivalent to addSubmitCompleteHandler for that gwt form panel.