I've got a web-application constructed with GWT (2..3) and operate on Apache Tomcat 6.
My application uses lengthy polling make it possible for client-server conversations. Whenever a client is not able for connecting towards the server it shows a disconnected message around the page and grays the controls until with the ability to resume conversation using the server.
This occurs by using the onFailure approach to the rpc services I keep a record on the number of consequtive exceptions I have received and when it passes a precise threshhold the above mentioned scenario happens.
This enables notifying the consumer of the problem whilst in the background ongoing to resume the server conversation.
It has been the configuration for around 6 several weeks, and with no problem.
I put together the applying following a change and desired to view it in stand-alone mode and so i cranked up tomcat (not via eclipse) and everything appeared to operate fine.
After I control+c'd the apache (while getting clients up) I saw the clients exhibiting a 503 error rather than my application using the disconnected message.
Then i attempted to breed the problem but was not able because the next occasions the application socialized not surprisingly.
I am unsure whether it's relevant but lately I added an UncaughtExceptionHandler to my module's onModuleLoad.

Has anybody experienced this kind of problem?
Are you aware the way i could make my client safe from this kind of problem?


Most likely your application attempted for connecting to server although it is at procedure for shutting lower. A few of the services may have already shut therefore the request unsuccessful with internal server error.