I'm a new comer to PHP since you may have the ability to tell in the question.
Things I have is definitely an iOS application that accesses a database with an apache server utilizing a php front-end. I've handled to obtain a user placed in to the database utilizing a Publish on the php script known as NewUser.php

The one thing I'm battling with is how you can organize the files and whether I want multiple php scripts for every query I wish to operate on the database or I can handle each different Publish request within the same script?

When I stated I'm a new comer to the idea of PHP. If anybody could point me within the right direction to perhaps a tutorial or produce some pointers on here that might be great!


yes, you are able to handle more kind of Publish demands in a single script.

For instance script title is action.php and inside is code:

switch ($_POST['action']) {
   case 'insert_user':
       // code for inserting new user
   case 'delete_user':
       // code for deleteing user
   // and so on ...

so when are you currently doing Publish request you'll have to add parameter action which will indetify the right action.

POST /action.php HTTP/1.1
Some headers