I've got a table Resource having a area Type. Type is really a research in to the table ResourceType.

So for example ResourceType may have: 1: Books 2: Chocolate 3: Both

And Resource may have 1: Tom's Grocery, 2 2: Freds News, 3

It might display as: Tom's Grocery Chocolate

Now allows say I'm utilizing a databound combobox for that resource type and also the third record is erased from ResourceType, we obviously have an error when Fred's News is displayed. I possibly could to put it simply a marker in (possibly an asterisk), showing that it's been erased, instead of really remove it. It turns up as *Both within the textbox area of the combo and i'm content.

However, I wouldn't would like it to appear being an option within the dropdown. Is an excessive amount of to request from databound fields? Can I write my very own code to load the drop lower?

Add a little Erased column towards the research table. Whenever you remove a kind, set Erased = 1. Whenever you withdraw ResourceTypes, only take out ResourceTypes where Erased = after which bind towards the dropdown.

Edit: How's it going obtaining the dataset that you are binding towards the dropdownlist? Are you currently using drag and drop datasets? I truly haven't labored with datasets like this in a long time, but I am confident you are able to alter the Get sql to the thing you need so that it is.

OK, I curently have the majority of that included in the answer - however i should be binding wrong. Basically only withdraw records where erased = , I recieve exceptions - I am speculating since the textbox can not be filled in the record set.

I suppose I am unsure how you can bind the textbox display to 1 dataset - the main one with the records - and also the dropdown to some strained dataset.

Simply adding a erased column wasn't enough - there needed to be a method to visit a erased record within the text part of a combo box yet still time blocking out erased records within the drop lower.

Ultimately, I authored a custom user control additional.