What's the best answer if I have to possess a database having a billion+ objects and I have to have immediate (or nearly immediate) use of the products within the database anytime.

This database could be queried at about 1000 demands per second. The rows within the database are virtually unrelated and therefore does not have to be relational.

If you are curious why, it's for any simulation of moving elements.

I believed something similar to several load balanced groupings of the Cassandra which are utilized via a load balanced cluster of web servers.

Cash is an issue therefore the cheaper the greater. There's no restriction around the software or tool it however should be free.

Just searching for a database solution that might be proficient at getting through a absurd quantity of data (need not be relational whatsoever) by a lot of customers.

It is crucial it handle redundancy and failures.

Just an advanced idea to place me within the right direction could be great.

Since you will have to have the ability to effectively get all objects inside a three dimensional interval (X_min <= X_obj <= X_max &lifier Y_min <= Y_obj <= Y_max &lifier Z_min <= Z_obj <= Z_max), I don't know how good a vital-value store like Cassandra will fit you. It might be useful to too take a look at MongoDB since i have believe this enables you to definitely index multiple fields and query according to times.