Situation: a person clicks a hyperlink, the server will get the request and begins processing it. In the intervening time, the consumer clicks another link, the server will get the brand new request while processing the first one. What goes on? Around the client side we simply begin to see the web page in the second request, but is the procedure in the first request wiped out around the server when finding the second one? And it is it handled through the server or even the language (Apache or PHP)?

Is dependent. When the browser doesn't drop the bond to server, it has absolutely no clue the client has sailed elsewhere. Whether it does drop the bond, it's up to the net server to select to identify it and abort the processing thread or otherwise.

Either situation, this is actually the character of statelessness of HTTP. You should not depend on anything in connection with this.

Both demands get offered (when the browser did send the 2nd one).

You'd only begin to see the second page, but when you'll consider access_log you'll surely notice two demands.

That's how HTTP works.

You should use [cde] to inform a script to carry on (or otherwise) following the connection continues to be ended.