Can there be any free database of hashes of adware and spyware? Let me obtain a real database of individuals hashes, same with there anywhere where you could do to gather data?

I have found, however they don't provide a real database, only API access..

Otherwise, have you got any idea how you can collect it on "my very ownInch?

You can request these guys, because they might know. Typically, these databases would be the assets of anti-virus companies. They just do not present them (in readable, re-distributable, not-restricted form), and employ them as you base for competition on the market.

Free anti-virus and scanning devices for mail servers might point you within the right direction.

You could attempt and reverse engineer the definitions of popular anti-virus suppliers and make up a new database using the data extrapolated, however they likely will not be suitable for one another and employ different hashing/checking techniques ... it could be also illegal but IANAL.

How about tugging the database from SpyBot (or whatever anti-spy ware system the awesome children are using nowadays)?