I've simple question. This website shows my problem. Search for web source and discover line much like:

<a href="#">Next</a>

Where does # redirect basically click Next on this website?

Basicly i love to get all data all pages on that website which shows statistics. I must use C# and that i still dont understand how to travel through this javascript pages

# is really a relative URI to the top current page.

Within this situation, it's most likely getting used like a "I can not be bothered to make use of progressive enhancement" hack for any link which will possess a JavaScript event handler mounted on it.

For more reading through see fragment identifiers and how to create anchors.

A hyperlink href preceaded with # results in an Anchor on a single page. Because the href is "#" it'll result in the top page..

Normally, this is accustomed to jump between places within the same page.

Within the situation from the link you provided, the "#" is once had an A tag certain to a javascript click event without going to the hyperlink within the href .

Whenever you click it, you will be lead to the top page (within this situation).