My objective is by using the hash # tag to assist making webpages canonical. I have already implemented the canonical meta tag but our Search engine optimization expert states it will likely be better still using the # tag for pages which aren't index by browsers, search engines like google that does not offer the canonical meta data etc.

My plan's to place the hash tag within our public web addresses: will end up

Then i intend to use Apaches mod_rewrite to exchange #? with ? to render the URL functional for that web server.

  • Question 1: How is this done using mod_rewrite? Could it be an easy operation?
  • Question 2: Will the work when i intend it too?

I am using #? and not simply # to prevent conflicts with potential anchors within the URL.

You cannot use mod_rewrite to control anything carrying out a hash.

Anything after # is purely for client side processing and it is never delivered to the server included in a request.