Ok, I am wondering if anybody can explain worthwhile assets for applying hashtag Web addresses much like how Twitter and also the site http://www.sheandhim.com/#/news handle links.

The aim on sheandhim.com would be to have content exist around the page at load to ensure that "moving" to other parts of the website doesn't pressure a webpage reload (which may steer clear of the music that is playing).

I have a similar requirement for a task I am focusing on and haven't been capable of finding worthwhile info (maybe my Google-fu is weak) on replicating this type of effect.

I ought to add that i'm developing this using blogging platforms so ideally it might be friendly with WordPress (a tall order I guess).

First browse the hashstring using window.location.hash, make an AJAX request to fetch the information that suits the hashstring.

Exactly how you'd mix this track of WordPress, I'm not sure. I do not believe WordPress is perfect for things like that.

You have access to passed hash by calling window.location.hash.

Then you are liberated to make any ajax calls you would like increase the page accordingly.

Each of another solutions are true in this way, as well as the advantage of other people with similar question, I am searching in the SheandHim.com source code and there's a lot of perfectly written code that solutions a lot of questions.

Just in case they have transformed when someone is reading through this, there's a lot of custom javascript work done, however the backbone from the whole factor is jQuery wordpress plugin (known as jQuery DeepLinking:


A demo is visible here:


FYI: the technique from the wordpress plugin calls the items in any page via AJAX request towards the relative path. Which means that it's possible to get this done with WordPress since the PHP continues to be processed normally HTML that the AJAX fetch from the wordpress plugin can grab and employ to output the AJAX window.location.has because the previous posters properly recognized. There is however a lot of other things happening because well.