I presently convey more than 1000 visits / day and hosting at 1and1 with PHP memory 30MB limit I've got a dynamic shopping guide using more than 5000 products and customers enter to browse / look for products. I began getting "Internal Error 500" every occasionally. That are show more about days, and that i don't see them on others. 1and1 support state that I've outgrown the 30MB PHP limit. What is your opinion? Is the fact that true? or they would like to sell us a more costly hosting? I presently can not afford greater than a shared host :(

I'm using PHP / MySQL Javascript / My BB Forum / PHP thumbail (that we am now attempting to switch with static pictures to alleviate the load a little) Advice is appreciated

It is extremely unlikely that disk space constraints are leading to 500s, despite 5000 products over 30mb, that's roughly 6k per item - only most likely if the items comes with an image.

Whenever you achieve your disk quota, most PHP frameworks will benefit by an error themselves, instead of delivering a bog standard 500 response, therefore the 30Mb limit is nearly definitely not the issue. Your webhost might have other limits they are imposing, but even 1000 visits each day should not break probably the most draconian hosting thresholds. It's much more likely that the webhost are searching for a simple up-sell.

Provide us with a URL and perhaps we are able to obtain a clearer picture, but it is much more likely something is just damaged inside your site's code. Obviously, with no reference material, this really is strictly a theory.

If you're thumping facing 30 mb of PHP memory (if you're actually speaking concerning the php memory_limit setting, so it appears you're), then probably some optimisation could solve it. It's my job to only hit that type of number if I am processing large arrays and/or transforming to PDF files, etc. After which It's my job to discover a method to decrease the array size by utilizing memcached or writing the PDF another way or something like that like this.

Sometimes the simplest factor to complete is to find their upgrade. Tossing hardware in the problem can at any rate be a fast fix. If you're earning money out of your site, when you obtain a 500, you may be taking a loss so it may be smart financially for you personally. But, you did not request that question. :)

To find out just how much memory your scripts are utilizing, sprinkle http://us2.php.internet/memory_get_usage around at proper spots to determine (presuming you do not have a profiler that may handle this better).

I has progressed to another hosting "Blue Host" and also the errors stopped since. It appears they handle the assets in different ways: "CPU throttling". Plus they explained I'm able to use their services till Personally i think the web site is slow and that i then should change to VPS or devoted server. 1and1 handle the overload on shared limits with error 500. This isn't good!