I'm a new comer to apache.I installed apache during my home windows, I'm getting my very own html page with css.I wish to set this site as my default apache webpage and rather than typing http://localhost:8080, i must type http://vignesh to see home page. How to get this done..Manual me

I believe your real question is split up into 2 things: A chance to use http://vignesh instead of http://localhost:8080, and also the choice to alter the default webpage.

To be able to obtain the url that you would like working, you have to modify personal files in home windows (presuming you are on home windows 7) perform the following:

  1. Launch notepad (or other text editor) with administrative rights
  2. Open the hosts file situated at: C:WindowsSystem32driversetc
  3. Add the next admission to it: 127...1 vignesh

To be able to alter the default page you have to alter the apache configuration.

  1. Open httpd.conf inside your favorite text editor
  2. Locate the home known as DirectoryIndex. Change it out towards the page that you would like.

Hopefully was useful.

Whenever you type a previous address inside a browser, the browser depends on the operating-system to resolve it. Only one time it's been resolved, a request is distributed towards the actual server (within this situation, your apache installation).

Due to this, you cannot alter the way the "server" part is resolved through apache itself: it's your Home windows system which handles might, if appropriate (this really is, whether it resolves to localhost in the port where your apache is listening), forwards it to apache.

So, you have to alter how Home windows, instead of apache, resolves that address. Fortunately, for the situation, it's relatively simple to tweak, if guess what happens to search for (and i'm suggesting here, which means you know ) ):

Open the file %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts on the plain text editor, for example notepad (%SystemRoot% is window's base installation path, for example C:\Windows or C:\WinNT), and give a line such as this in the finish:       vignesh