I am creating a Wordpress blog around a current website.

The prior website still must exist at index.php your blog section is available within the same folder but at news.php

I have installed wordpress after which overwritten the wordpress index using the old websites index.

However whenever links are produced for individual posts for instance...

<?php wp_get_archives('title_li=&type=postbypost&limit=10'); ?>

I am rerouted towards the index.

How do i alter the Wordpress configurations to ensure that news.php could be my index and index.php remain outdoors from the Wordpress system.

  1. switch on permalink
  2. edit .htaccess and alter

    RewriteRule . /index.php [L] to RewriteRule . /news.php [L]

tell me in the event that works

Here are a few recommends.

  1. Instead of attempting to get hold of primary index file, install wordpress inside a sub directory, news/. Then you're able to change Wordpress Admin->Settings->General: Wordpress Address and Address.

  2. Move your present index.php by.perl. After which URL-rewrite all index.php calls with no presences of ?p by.perl