During my application I wish to avoid wasting string data into an assortment.

This data should then be fetched through the another activity inside a ListView.

I'm utilizing a database to keep the information. But each time I am storing data in various tables. Now according to my understanding it's not easy to fetch all of the available tables from the defined database.

What exactly I am attempting to do is, keep table title in to the Array even though it is produced. And exhibiting it within the ListView.

Now after i press around the perticular ListIndex, it'll fetch the information of this table.

Is possible?

Make use of a Map of Table Title against Variety of Data

    // Store
    Map<String, String[]> storage = new HashMap<String, String[]>();
    String[] items = {"one","two","three"}; // Your Data
    storage.put("tableName", items);        // Your table name

    // Retrieve a specific table
    String[] tableItems = storage.get("tableName");
    for(String s : tableItems){
        Log.i("TAG", "item name: "+s); // Will loop and print one , two then three

    // Retrive all
    Set<String> allTables = storage.keySet();
    for (String table : allTables) {
        for(String s : storage.get(table)){
            Log.i("TAG", "table name: " + table + "item name: "+s);  // Will loop through each table, (we only have one) and print one , two then three


For the comment about delivering table names:

    String[] items = {"tableOne","tableTwo","tableThree"}; // Your Data
    Intent intent = new Intent(this, Activity2.class);
    intent.putExtra("sendIntentTableName", items);

    ... onCreate(){
        String[] tableNames = getIntent().getStringArrayExtra("sendIntentTableName");