I've personalized wordpress blog, which works fine. However , after i attempt to edit the posts/pages in admin section with Editor(TinyMCE), the vista is completly different make up the frontend. So i have to range from the css file for this editor which i've utilized in front-end.

Please anybody suggest me how to get this done.

Thanks ahead of time.

I can not give a ready-to-use code, however i know what you ought to do-it-yourself.

First way: Where TinyMCE has been initialized, begin to see the theme and also the skin. It's possible via "View source" in browser.

Then look for TinyMCE's folder in your server and edit (or replace) there the file

tinymce/themes/<theme name>/skins/<skin name>/content.css

Course, you could include your personal skin to help keep the TinyMCE's original package. But it's a type of a effort.

One other way: There is a param of TinyMCE init() which will help to include an extra content css file (see in TinyMCE's wiki). So you will need to edit WordPress TinyMCE initialization, and overload TinyMCE's old styles.