During my website i wish to give a feature to upload local videos from the system to youtube account. I would like PHP script in joomla that could allow user to login to youtube using youtube API after which upload videos on his/her youtube account.

I cant look for a wordpress plugin for joomla.. I'm a newbie and want to learn more about youtube apis.

I cant find any feature to login to youtube from joomla or PHP script.

An example code could be more favourable.

Most likely the quickest way to do this is by using Google's PHP client library then while using browser based upload method.

Listed here are instructions on establishing the library - http://code.google.com/intl/de-DE/apis/gdata/articles/php_client_lib.html

Here's a good example of the browser based upload with code samples - http://code.google.com/intl/de-DE/apis/youtube/1.0/developers_guide_php.html#BrowserUpload