Allow me to begin by saying I'm a CSS newb. I'm using wordpress and my publish heading (h2) is exhibiting the colour from the links around the page. I must keep all h2 titles black while other links could be red-colored. When altering the hyperlink color within the css, additionally, it shows the publish heading red-colored too.

How do i override this? I am certain this really is something simple.

Thanks ahead of time for just about any help.

You have to show some HTML to obtain a definitive answer, but to colour all links in h2s eco-friendly:

h2 a { color: green }

In case your h2s possess a certain class, you are able to drill it lower to that particular specific class:

h2.classname a { color: green }

Replace '#color' together with your hex digit.

h2 a { color: #color }

You might want to put !important following the color if another thing is overriding or maybe its completed in the incorrect place.

maybe something similar to it will help you.

/* link color */

h2 a, h2 a:visited
    color:#f0f0f0 !important;

/* link color on hover(Mouseover) */

h2 a:hover
    color:#000000 !important;