I am trying to produce a small website in ASP.Internet MVC that utilizes twitter. I wish to have the ability to pull some good info about twitter customers and store it inside a database, that we will update periodically.

I'm while using following tables:

user_id - uses the twitter id (int)
twitter_title - nvarchar(255)
last_up-to-date - datetime


Regrettably I am not necessarily good with databases, same with mtss is a good design? Can One play one table rather?

Thanks ahead of time, Sasha

If there's single-1 relationship from a record in Customers along with a record in TwitterData, then you may make use of a single table. Should you be likely to have other sorts of data (FacebookData, for instance), then you'd keep your two tables, but most likely move twitter_title to TwitterData.

Look at this for introducing Normalization, which supports you receive began in creating tables.


That appears like an excellent start in my experience. You should use the Twitter API like a model for the data schema.

If you're attempting to store stabilized data I'd opt for another table for Customers as well as their Tweets.