Let me create an API for any project I am focusing on, permitting designers to produce desktop and mobile programs built around its functionality. One factor I have always aspired to learn to do is produce a stateless, push notification system, much like Twitter's Streaming API.

Essentially, I wish to have the ability to inform customers associated with a changes towards the data instantly, or as near into it as you possibly can. I understand that this can be very challenging to mobile products, and that's why mobile programs will most likely be created to look for updates periodically, in order to save battery. However, desktop programs will not obtain that limitation. Let me avoid making the applying request the server if there's new information, and rather allow the server tell the applying that there's new data.

My programming language is PHP and my server is Apache. Basically absolutely needed to I possibly could change to Lighttpd or nginx, but that is a complete last measure because it would require lots of changes to any or all of my existing code.

I have look at this article:


And examined it, but regrettably everything happens is my browser keeps trying to load the page rather than really shows time. I suspect the reason being, for reasons uknown, I have never been capable of getting output loading to operate on my small server, unless of course I send 64kb (or even more) of information. I heard which i needed to disable gzip, that we did, also it still did not work, so I'm not sure.

Take a look at some existing technologies that will help you do that:


Tornado is definitely an free version from the scalable, non-obstructing web server and tools that energy FriendFeed. The FriendFeed application is written utilizing a web framework that appears a little like web.py or Google's webapp, however with additional tools and optimizations to make use of the underlying non-obstructing infrastructure.


Pusher is really a located API for rapidly, easily and safely adding scalable realtime functionality via WebSockets to web and mobile applications.

Both of them are very fast and scalable, and that i have setup both relatively easily.

Well you could do this this in a number of ways, you can build inside a poller in the client side, or you might use something similar to NodeJS. (http://nodejs.org/) or web electrical sockets.