I am only some of the one with this particular question, but haven't found enough detailed information online during my research to date, so assist me.

We're a little IT crowd within an organization. We are searching to construct a little, private service that will emulate a heroku/gae workflow. The fundamentals of the: deploy an application like a git repository, and also have it scale inside a 'cloud' atmosphere. Essentially, a platform like a service (Paas).

Pretend we're amateur PM's, developers, and sysadmins assigned with this particular. An amount you recommend? We all know generally precisely what it takes: some kind of routing, database, caching, authentication, etc. The other tools will we need?

We'd prefer tools along a ruby/python/haskell/erlang dimension, on the linux/bsd stack, with postgres databases(couchdb or cassandra later on). We're not touching anything within the ms/.internet area, nothing around the JVM (We have checked out Steamcannon, but no Scala and Clojure tools aren't entirely unthinkable). You will find there's fundamental grasp of bootstrapping a cloud (e.g. Eucalyptus) to develop. We understand the fundamentals in server admin, and also the physical infrastructure restrictions aren't an issue at this time.

We are not considering why gaerokuyardspace is the greatest choice, a listing of these services, why we ought to ditch our plans for one of these simple services, or perhaps an argument from this plan. With this situation your decision has been manufactured the cost to construct independently is much more attractive than the price of implementing elsewhere. We know why and just how of these services. We are searching to emulate and make upon these web hosting needs.

A narrow your search of tools to become broadened:

  • Beehive
  • Steamcannon
  • Gitosis/Gitolite
  • ?

Essentially, Let me generate a listing of tools for building heroku/gae like service on the small, private, certainly experimental/toy level.

I'm not sure that it'll meet all your mentioned needs today, however, you should have a look at Cloud Foundry from VMware. You should check the FAQ for that commercial project or look to the Free version that you could host and manage yourself.