I'm searching to setup an electronic resource management system for the organization Sometimes for. We're a medium-sized company with as many as 500 clients (although I don't envisage many of these searching in the DAM at anyone time, much more likely round the 20-30 mark).

I've developed a system using Resourcespace (http://world wide web.resourcespace.org) that we am pleased to use but have hit a wall when it comes to hosting. Can anybody recommend any hosting options rich in enough bandwidth to aid this. I observe that the hosting with limitless bandwidth condition that only when it's used like a regular site and we wish 't be permitted to make use of these for this kind of site.

You will find other DAM systems which are self-located that could be utilized, although it might be more suitable to make use of Resourcespace when i have previously customised it to suit our logo and needs.

We'd most likely be searching at requiring about 70gb-100gb of space. With bandwidth to aid as much as 500 people installing images (size-up to around 100mb) at anyone time. Even though this is unlikely to occur it is advisable to be ready.

If anyone has any knowledge about hosting an identical system please tell me.

Thank you.