Im doing a bit of charitable organisation work and that i setup this joomla jomsocial site. I cant obtain the registration to see the jomsocial component here's would be the qualifications after sales login info admin admin after i try to create a new account it provides me with this error Session expired. Please repeat the process later thanks

There a lot of reasons that induce this. Knowing because the shape isn't being validated correctly whenever you attempt to register, I'd search for this inside your template -

/* --- This removes any default Scripts from the Header Buffer --- */
$header = $this->getHeadData();                   // Get the current HEAD buffer
$header['scripts'] = array();                     // Clear all current 'scripts' entries
$this->setHeadData($header);                      // Update the HEAD buffer

If you notice that inside your template, then comment it, which should fix the problem. If you do not discover that, here are the other common causes -

  1. Un-install and re-install the Azrul System wordpress plugin

  2. Try another template

  3. Make certain you will find the latest Jomsocial plug ins

  4. Switch the session handler