Hi all fellow wordpressers

Let me personalize the width from the radio buttons on impact form 7. It is possible to method to tell radio stations buttons to become a different width towards the input fields within the css.

After I put a width around the input fields I'm not going this to use towards the radio buttons.

Thanks for your help

Regards judi

You are able to assign a category towards the radio button inside your form template around the configurations page. Then open the Contact Page 7's CSS stylesheet file, possibly situated at:


and setup css rules for that input with class "radio":

input.my_radio {
width: 140px;

To assign a category to radio input in order to checkbox input use:

[radio your-eyes-color class:my_radio "brown" "green" "blue"]

Above code will create the markup:

<input type="radio" name="your-eyes-color" class="my_radio" value="brown" /> brown
<input type="radio" name="your-eyes-color" class="my_radio" value="green" /> green
<input type="radio" name="your-eyes-color" class="my_radio" value="blue" /> blue

Find out more at Contact Form 7 website. Best of luck!