Searching at Heroku's devoted database plan.

Could it be normal for many applications to operate on a single devoted db (i.e. Ronin)? I have got 3 Rails applications. Was considering utilizing a devoted db (Ronin, thats running on PgSql).

Or perhaps is it smarter to possess one application to some devoted db? i.e. Each application has their very own devoted db. What exactly are your ideas about this? What's the general convention?

Alternatively, was considering using Amazon . com RDS. Which may mean, getting a minumum of one RDS database instance for each application.

One devoted db for those 3 applications:

You will have more energy around the front-end applications and it is simpler to keep the db. However, you could encounter bandwidth connection problem around the db for those who have a great deal concurrent customers.

One DB for every:

All of the applications are stand alone, hence db1 failure will not effect application 2, 3. however, you spend the money for overhead of db three occasions.along with a lot admin focus on dbs.

It truly is dependent around the natural from the application, your financial allowance(cluster db), user, etc.