I am attempting to deploy my rails application with heroku (as proven here). I have produced a simple rails application (using ruby 1.9.2 and rails 3..3 i am sure heroku supports these - see heroku paperwork), produced and pressed github repo, produced heroku repo and pressed it (all commiting is performed). So when i am attempting to access my application controller, it throws 404 rails page like it's saying 'there isn't any such controller'. I have done heroku rake db:migrate however time i went it i acquired 'host not found' error. Running it can fixed that. Well, i am unsure basically should run heroku addons add:postgresql - i though postgres is on automatically, but heroku states i ought to pay to be able to get DB (running command i have pointed out asks me to verify billing it).

Might be it may sound stupid, but how do i deploy my rails application (it's a simple one) without having to pay any costs and the like troubles as 404 pages like i pointed out at first of my publish? (which is my question). Maybe i ought to choose other hosting (whether it is available within our world) or am i doing a problem with heroku?

Any help could be great. Thanks!

You didn't remember to push your quotes_controller.rb to git and heroku most likely.

git add remotes/quotes_controller.rb

it appears you didn't remember models also, and most likely large amount of files.