I've got a site which i used to Heroku. It is a low traffic site therefore if nobody would go to it a couple of hrs after which visit it, it will require about 5-around 10 secs to load. Every other demands with other pages on that website loads up fine rapidly. Basically exit the website entirely and appearance in a couple of minutes later, additionally, it returns up rapidly.

It's only when it's left idle a couple of hrs the spin up time is noticeable. Does other people have this problem? If that's the case, how have you repair it.

Also during the subject, does exactly the same factor happen with Google Application Engine? I am presently just testing out these application hosting platforms and so i don't genuinely have any preference for technologies/languages.

Fastest method to "fix" this issue would be to make certain your internet site is always up. Setup a pingdom account (http://world wide web.pingdom.com/) that will ping your website every couple of minutes simply to ensure that it stays alive.

I've got a special route myapp.com/keep_alive which does nothing except hit the rails stack without caching.

Hopefully this can help!

Do you will be hosting it using the 'free plan', ie. just with 1 dyno?

If that's the case, that which you experience may well be a Dyno Idling. You are able to increase the amount of the dynos to ensure that your application is 'always-on'

The very best factor that you can do to lower this time around would be to minimize how big your slug. Including steps like removing any PSD or AI image assets, getting rid of Ebooks, and reducing your jewel set. To learn more see: http://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/slug-size. Like a reference, my programs usually can spin up within around one second.

From things i understand Heroku makes public this behavior.

Free of charge site hosting, one heroku 'Dyno' is dedictaed for your site, when the dyno is inactive for some time then your resource is going to be rerouted elsewhere, whenever you try access the website after this time around the machine needs to go request a Dyno back.

You are able to prevent this by having to pay for added dyno's that will stay with your website or you can travel to the website regularly yourself having a automated script.