You will find there's quite simple function (We glance something up from a 3rd party database and return a solution. It's literally five lines of code.) We wish to offload this from your primary server because we expect a higher amount of traffic for that one function and want to optimize it.

We are planning on testing the commitment of many cloud/PaaS companies, where they handle scaling and gratifaction duties.

We are most thinking about Rails conditions, but they are curious to listen to encounters from others about any organization within the space.

Listed here are the PaaS companies we discovered that supports Rails:

1) Heroku 2) DotCloud 3) Duostack


1) Are you aware of other Rails-specific companies? Also you can list non-Rails companies since we are thinking about following others just in case they eventually provide Rails support.

2) How has your experience been with one of these companies?

Foreword and disclaimer: Sometimes for DotCloud therefore the following may be biased. You have been cautioned.

DotCloud might be interesting for you personally if you want the next features:

  • run another thing than Ruby (how about some Django or Pylons code speaking together with your SQL DB? As well as some PHP blog like WordPress or Drupal, utilizing the same user authentication database?)
  • test out databases like Redis or MongoDB, or background ruby employees, without having to pay for add-ons
  • SSH access, crontab access (without needing an add-on)
  • cheaper employees (I did not develop that one a number of our customers from the Heroku world told us that employees were insanely costly there)

Duostack is definitely excellent if you wish to mix particularly Rails and Node.js. I have learned that they awesome auto-configuration facilities.

Finally, should you only expect to do Rails and little else, ever, you may as well stay with Heroku since they have been for the reason that business for some time, and therefore are most likely more aged compared to first couple of from the batch.

Shameless plug: DotCloud is providing a beta try out so if you wish to see what it really appears like, just sign up for the beta and you'll be rapidly enough have the ability to discover for yourself. Heroku includes a free tier too.

You could include EngineYard within the mix - but i'd be inclined to make use of Heroku as my first choice, Dotcloud second (it is a newish product, and is excellent but nonetheless in development)