Our application uses Hibernate with Sql Server 2005.

As being a DBA, I'm not a specialist of Hibernate yet. And our designers don't realize Sql Server perfectly, and so i require a middle ground to create sense using this.

I'm searching for some information on how Hibernate works together with Sql Server 2005. Any guidelines or any difficulties with the mixture or anything like 'lessons learnt'.

I have no particular question as a result, however in general if there's something that I have to know to enhance the performance overall.

Please tell me for those who have links to the such articles.

thanks, _UB

Some titbits which i learned after i used hibernate :

  1. Dont hard code queries with params. Use named queries. For more information click here
  2. Make certain you do not append params to question strings to prevent sql injections
  3. You should use saved methods whenever essential to update data (AFAIK, Hibernate does not support nested transactions)
  4. Make use of the container features to Secure passwords required to connect with db.

I ll add whenever i develop certain guidelines.

I must increase Cshah's statement: Use caching when it's appropriate... if you're placing a lot of products right into a database you don't intend on caching, set the Cachable attribute to false before you decide to save.