After I type the address of my website inside a browser (, it redirects to Why don't you to index.html ? Because I transformed it within the conf file in Apache 2.two .

  • Now I must hide the final "index.php" part. How do you do this ?
  • Will it be different it had been index.html than index.php ?

Would not be ugly if by searching for google, you'd finish on world wide ? ... it is simply for esthetics but god could it be vital that you others.

I'm not sure why you ought to use mod_rewrite. On my small site Used to do absolutely nothing to hide index.php, I simply don't point it any place in code, so rather than world wide I simply write world wide It creates standard apache config.

Whether it's redirecting, (by delivering a brand new Location on HTTP header, for instance) plus there is nothing that you can do but altering the code that's doing the redirect.

However, in case your WebServer is Apache, there's a configuration directive that can help:


Whenever you set that to: index.php or index.html, your web server will instantly redirect to individuals internal files without altering the URL whenever you hit your directory in your server in which the DirectoryIndex directive is setup.

I suppose you will get better solutions should you publish this on SERVERFAULT.

Best of luck.

It is simple to do that with URL mapping either in the http.conf file or individual .htaccess files inside your application sites. Switch on mod rewrite. Here is a straightforward tutorial.

I really hope the next link can help you a great deal:

http://world wide web.anmsaiful.internet/blog/php/remove-codeigniter-index-php.html

This appeared to operate during my atmosphere (wouldn't display index.php):

        <form action="." method="POST">
       E-mail: <input type='password' size='50' name='email' />
       <input type='submit' value='Login' />