we're creating a type of payment processing site that's presently running on IIS and SQL Server in a hosting that is shared company.

The issues we now have bring that the website hosting company sometimes stops working and it is not available. Recently it had been not available for a few days because of flooding. Sometimes the network was unreachable. Sometimes another person on a single server went something, i was told, that avoided our stuff from running properly.

The down time costs us clients, customer and job satisfaction, not to mention money. Scalability isn't an problem at this time around. Reliability is.

As we don't want to bother with hosting and running the servers and network ourselves, what's the easiest method to achieve high(er) availability?

How can we setup a hosting solution which will work?


If you're running your company about this stuff you ought to be having to pay for any devoted box inside a data center. Shiny things cost about $150 per month for any crappy one but that's most likely much better than that which you have finally. These boxes will even allow you to perform a lot greater than a shared host will frequently occasions allow for example running email servers, running your personal DNS you'll also find much more bandwidth.

You can even get a couple of these boxes at different hosts after which you'd have redundancy just in case one data center ever went lower.

In case your boss has challenge with the cost difference, just explain just how much down time costs the company and just how much they're having to pay both you and your team to construct these items. Then like a area of the cost for any server is rather minor.

I want to locate another webhost or you have to buy devoted server, but do it yourself more. However for me, the key factor is Uptime should you choose huge business. If you feel well, you best waste your money to visit your site always running fine than pay just a little however, you lost trust from the customer.

Or you still insist opt for hosting that is shared, I suggest you to locate reliable hosting, expensive hosting. That which you pay, that's what you'll get. I would suggest discountasp.internet and asphostportal.com. It's all regulated rely on your need. Best of luck