What technologies must i use when creating for any large social website (with many different transactions, like twitter)? using free solutions - database - webserver - os

As you can tell, it does not really appear you select many of these sites have plenty of traffic, but derive from completely different technologies.

What matters most inside a social networks may be the after sales, since the majority of the bottleneck is going to be after that. You might like to consider No-SQL databases.

You will find a couple of others like:

For the programming language, as others have stated, it doesn't matter much. But when you actually cannot decide, you might like to think about a non-obstructing webserver like Tornado.

Does not appear type of scripting language you'll choose, as lengthy as you'll heavily utilize memcached. Getting the best caching hierarchy is essential.

In the finish during the day, this can be a few personal preference. Twitter uses Ruby on Rails. Wikipedia operates on PHP. Reddit utilizes a Python library known as web.py, but intitially, it had been designed in Lisp. I'd say select the technologies you're most acquainted with.

A bestseller on optimizing for top performance websites in the Yahoo engineers is High End Internet Sites: Essential Understanding for Front-Finish Engineers. It's nice short and essentially a bulleted guide around the steps to consider to create websites faster by optimizing the less well investigated front-finish.

As Joel states

People around the globe are constantly building web programs using .Internet, using Java, and taking advantage of PHP constantly. Not one of them are failing due to the option of technology.

Choose whichever from the "large 3" (.Internet, Java or PHP) you know best - these technologies are recognized to be scalable, the actual question of whether your website will scale is when the website is structured and the standard from the code - using whichever framework you're most acquainted with gives the finest possibility of achieving that.

Something that scales.

Any technologies that suite your taste, Inside your situation I believe calculations is much more important.

Read Richard Kiessig's book

Technologies, techniques ,

  • research the other scaly sites used and done and exactly what the problems they'd were under he achievements, you will find podcasts on iTunes, talks and interviews online
  • take a look at industry guidelines and follow these to a diploma
  • do not take peoples word for this, make certain the thing is the issue or even the success instead of the pr glamour about this
  • avoid apparent things that don't scale up and down or flat, database connectivity, periods - snacks and so on
  • take a look at nosql storage being an sql alternative less overhead but less functionality
  • be mindful when searching in the language/framework. frameworks include plenty of baggage you don't need, they speed you up initially and slow you lower eventually, i.e. you take more time hacking the framework than building the website, same goes with languages will it do what you would like instead of be trendy, awesome to programme in etc.