I'm getting several problems implementing my Asp.Internet MVC application with my current website hosting and i'm considering trying a replacement.

What's inside your opinion the main one with highest qualityOrcost that enables to simply deploy ASP.Internet MVC programs?


I host my sites with Server Intellect, they're very useful and fulfill all my custom modification demands. The hosting plans are extremely affordable. When they don't curently have MVC available I am sure they'd have little problems adding it for you personally.

http://world wide web.serverintellect.com

ADD: I've also located with Very Tech (the host for StackOverflow) plus they perform a congrats too.

People - be cautious of DiscountAsp. There is a great status, but they're pricey and there's NO sql server incorporated automatically - thats 10 dollars extra per month.

Just research your options. I didn't and that i compensated 40 dollars to understand a tough lesson.

I've located an ASP.Internet MVC with discountASP.Internet, they perform a good job.

I'm hosting an MVC application with ServerIntellect.
Sometimes of writing, $15/mo (Tier 1 Hosting That Is Shared Plan) will enable you to get

  • 1.5 GB storage
  • 250 Megabytes MSSQL
  • .Internet 3.5

MVC isn't clearly marketed. It may work should you:

  • bin deploy a couple of MVC devices. Phil Haack describes here.
  • have ServerIntellect switch your website to Full Trust. Their Medium Trust mode was too limited to permit standard MVC programs (an expression conflict, they're saying).
  • customize the Route Table. ServerIntellect is applying IIS6 on their own hosting that is shared which doesn't permit the new ASP.Internet Routing. I modified Global.asax.cs as proven in Listing 3 in this article.

Others have stated that discountasp.internet offers Full Trust and MVC as they are, however i don't have any knowledge about them, plus they do cost a little more monthly should you include MSSQL.

I host my aspnet mvc application with http://world wide web.webhost4life.com/ limitless bandwidth and like 300gigs of space for all of usDollar20 per month (thats 300g server space and 3gb MSSQL space). i believe thats very good (no more, see below)

they've good 24/7 Live Chat support people that is vital that you me. they assist me straighten out issues i am not totally savvy with.

yes, mvc is bin deployable, however the routes won't work without wildcard mapping, that the wethost4life support staff will happily setup for you personally (like they did for me personally).

good quality mvc deploy info:

EDIT: I'm going to be honest, their support isn't fantastic.. but after getting looked a great deal, you actually cant find ASP.Internet 3.5 IIS6 or 7 hosting with 3 MSSQL DBs and 3gb of MSSQL DB space for under 20 dollars per month.

ANOTHER EDIT: Their support is garbage!
I have had the worst experience lately once they "migrated" my services (asp.internet mvc sites and hundreds of mail boxes) to some 'new platform' devote Hell even satan fears to visit. Take a look at these links - i have virtually had exactly the same problems because the reviews on individuals sites. Steer clear! I Beg you!