Although similar questions exist, I could not find any which quite match my request.

I am searching for hosting for many personal .Internet projects which for a number of reasons I don't want to host on our servers at the office. I have to have the ability to host multiple sites and for your reason I am considering a VPS with RDP access for the moment - don't fancy hosting that is shared when i believe does not offer me the flexbility and control I am searching for.

What encounters do individuals have of Home windows 2008 VPS companies? I have stumbled upon a couple of options even though it appears lots of places continue to be on Home windows 2003 with 2008 'coming soon'. Is VPS the easiest method to go? Eventually (for the way the projects remove) I intend to obtain a devoted box but at this time it isn't cost-effective.

Also, what exactly are individuals encounters of running SQL Server Express on the VPS? An amount you the minimum needs are for CPU/memory? I understand it will not be anywhere close to performant as SQL Server 2005/8 running on the devoted box but I am wishing it will likely be a suitable beginning point.

Every other tips/advice also welcome!

Edit: Didn't remember to say, I am ideally searching for United kingdom hosting although I am available to options.

To be sure that many hosters haven't acquired connection with Win2k8 yet. However Win2k8 is a lot more virtualization-friendly at OS-level, with performance benefits for that hoster and also the hostee over similar designs on Win2k3 - its certainly worthwhile if you're able to think it is.

According of SQL it's tough to frame exactly what the qualities is going to be for SQL without comprehending the form of the workloads it'll execute.

SQL is most frequently I/O bound - this could get much worse inside a virtual atmosphere when the VPS is located on the virtual disk file. Turn on query statistics - it'll assist you to evaluate the results. You'll pay a problem for each physical read such an atmosphere.

I have seen SQL run adequately within 128Mb of RAM for light traffic with simple queries. On the other hand I have seen SQL applications that take all 16Gb of RAM too :)

UltimaHosts has a good deal with 4 GB of RAM and 4 CPU Hyper-V which i just registered with having seen your comments ought to here. VPS is unbelievably fast. They list themselves because the #1 Worldwide Hyper-V host with 8 worldwide locations and deals similar to their 4GB RAM VPS who are able to argue!

You might like to take a look at ultima vps for top Home windows VPS because they provide a unique integrated VPS in which the MSSQL 2005 / 2008 runs by themselves devoted server. I have used them for devoted hosting going back 24 months and also have only excellent achievements to say of their uptime and support.

I am using UltimaHosts.Internet for my Hyper-V VPS coupled with their MSSQL server hosting (2008). Ideal setup i believe with free located DNS and Dotnetpanel.

http://world wide web.ultimahosts.internet/home windows/2008/vps/

Items to bear in mind when thinking about 2008:

1) Prefer Hyper-V over Virtuozzo. Virtuozzo includes a known problem - a server can exhaust the non-paged pool kernel memory. All companies face this every once in awhile (we attempted 5 different VPS companies going back five years). It's such as this: your server has, like, 1GB of free memory, however the non-paged pool is fool. And also the HTTP.SYS driver transmits "connection declined" errors to clients. Hyper-V is free of charge of this, also Hyper-V offers better isolation and memory management. It's similar to a devoted server.

2) Most Virtuaozo-based VPS-companies disable automatic Home windows updates :(

3) IIS7 is essentially a far greater choice than IIS6, that is one more reason to choose 2008 over 2003.

4) Home windows 2008 includes a great built-in firewall

5) Responding to your question: SQL Express runs all right, so never fear.

For any couple of dollars under ultimahosts (and much more memory, however with another tradeoffs), there's http://world wide windows-VPS-HyperV.aspx

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