Home windows 7 introduced Virtual Wi-fi compatability which enables you to definitely create 'hang-outs'. However aren't able to find any lessons on doing the work in C#. I discovered Virtual Router (It's free and it is designed in C#) however i can't appear to determine how it operates since it provides extensive unrelated code as it is implemented like a service.

Can anybody explain how do i produce a hotspot and assign IP addresses to clients? I do not need features like ICS but I wish to have the ability to broadcast gateway and DNS information.

There's additionally a closed source alternative known as Connectify. Used to do get its source however it did not help much. It uses a wide open source library but I'm not sure how you can create 'hang-outs' by using it.

Since you've found a task that does exactly what you would like, why don't you focus on knowning that project?

It appears like the majority of the code you are thinking about is incorporated in the "VirtualRouter.Wlan" project. Start there and check out asking specific questions if you do not comprehend it.

Have you contemplated considering this Code-Plex project Virtual Router?